Bought a coat stand from Homeplus Monday… there was so many little pieces in the box, but no instruction paper. Not even in Korean =( I started to put the pieces together, and realize, the two main pieces, “the pole” does not fit together… because instead of getting a bottom pole and a top pole. I got 2 bottom poles. FAIL!

No one at school believed me that the box came with two bottom pieces. They were like you bought it at Homeplus right? and it was in a box? Yes, it was in a box and it was from Homeplus, but Homeplus stuffs aren’t trustworthy!!

Like this stand I got for my shower, so I could put my shampoo in. It’s suppose to hold 5KG, but it can’t even hold it’s own weight up! It’s fallen down twice within one evening and all I haven’t even put anything on it yet!  

Back to the coat stand, I got it exchanged and it works now. But this so called “stainless steel coat stand” isn’t so stainless steel.. I can see rust on the inside of the tube… w/e I give up.

Note to self: don’t buy furniture from Homeplus anymore >.<